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*Some Ancient Indian Health Tips ~ Original quotes in Sanskrit:*

  *Some Ancient Indian Health Tips ~ Original quotes in Sanskrit:* *1. Ajeerne Bhojanam Visham* _Consuming anything when you have indigestion is like consuming poison; means avoiding eating when suffering from indigestion._  *2. Ardharogahari Nidhraa*  _Sleeping well cures half of the diseases._ *3. Mudhgadhaali Gadhavyaali* _Of all the pulses, green grams are the best. They are easy to digest and boost immunity.  All other pulses have some of the other side-effects._  *4. Bagnaasthi Sandhaanakaro Rasonaha* _Garlic also heals broken bones._  *5. Athi Sarvathra Varjayeth* _Anything consumed in excess, just because it tastes good, is not good for health. Be moderate._  *6. Naasthimoolam Anoushadham* _Every vegetable is beneficial for the body._  *7. Na Vaidhyaha Prabhuraayushaha* _No doctor can guarantee longevity. Doctors have their limitations._  *8. Chinthaa Vyaadhi Prakaashaya* _Worry aggravates ill-health._  *9. Vyayaamascha Sanaihi Sanaihi* _Do any exercise slowly. Fast and furious

Exercising while wearing your mask. What research says about it.

Around the world, masking rules and regulations continue to evolve. As gyms open and close or capacity limits decrease, individuals need to continue to be cautious and respectful of others. Fortunately, research suggests that it is safe for healthy individuals to wear a mask while exercising while reducing the risk of contracting or transmitting COVID-19. In general, it is recommended that individuals start exercising at a lower intensity to get used to wearing a face-covering before returning to regular levels of intensity. In one study , subjects were perceived to have less airflow while wearing a mask during exercise, but the data showed no difference in blood, tissue or muscle oxygenation levels. This may be caused by psychological factors such as feeling claustrophobic or thinking there would be a decreased airflow and therefore their rating of perceived exertion (RPE) was higher. When to wear a mask: Always when inside unless you’re by yourself or in your home Outside if others

Did you know?

Lack of sleep causes our bodies to age rapidly. Sleeping less than 5 hrs a night can age your heart by 10 yrs.  A single night sleep of fewer than 4 hrs can drop your natural killer cells (that attack cancer cells) by 70%.  Sleep well to give your body the much-deserved rest!                Eat your food mindfully Chewing slowly stimulates the production of saliva & helps in the breakdown of food, reducing stress on the oesophagus & enabling the stomach to metabolize food better It aids in digestion, combats acidity & helps avoid overeating. Excess salt intake is not only bad for your BP but also weakens the immune system.  Researchers found that people who consumed 6 gms of salt in addition to their daily intake i.e roughly the amount contained in 2 fast food meals - 2 portions of burgers & fries had lower immunity. A simple way to dramatically improve your nutrition is to swap out lettuce for sprouts, microgreens & baby greens. They have more nutrition than whe

Mental Health and how it is affecting students during the pandemic.

  What is the first thing that pops up in your mind when you hear “Mental health”? Is it anxiety? Stress? Workload? It could be anything.  By definition, mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood. Now, you may ask how is it caused? Mental health issues can be caused by literally anything to literally anybody. You would not be even able to realize the person you’re sitting next to might be in trauma.  Some of the very common causes are:  childhood abuse, trauma, or neglect. social isolation or loneliness. experiencing discrimination and stigma. social disadvantage, poverty, or debt. bereavement (losing someone close to you) severe or long-term stress. having a long-term physical health condition. unemployment or losing your job. It is

Health: Expectations vs. Reality

When someone first becomes an adult they suddenly feel as though their life had begun. Because they were free from the reigns of their parents and began to make decisions about what was important to them and how long, hard, or far they wanted to push themselves in order to get what it is that does matter. This newfound independence can often come with some not-so-great habits too: skipping sleep or forgetting about proper nutrition can lead to preoccupation with weight gain or loss. But for many people, their perception of health doesn't match up with reality - and the gap between expectations and realities can be scary. So is it just a matter of habit ? Are we simply so used to power through our days on coffee and sugar that we can't even imagine eating properly anymore? Or is this just more evidence proving what some experts have been saying for years: there's not enough motivation out there when it comes to public health and getting fit.  When going through your day, you