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Clinical Trials

What is a clinical trial? Clinical trials are research studies, in which a reference medicinal product (original), that exists on the market and generic medicine, which contains the same active ingredient, in the same quantity, is administered to healthy subjects, in order to compare concentrations in biological matrices (blood, urine, saliva, etc.)  All procedures are performed related to a clinical trial according to the protocol approved by the National Agency for Medicines, Medical Devices, and the National Commission for Bioethics Medicines and Medical Devices. What are the 4 phases of clinical trials? Phase Primary goal Phase I Dose-ranging on healthy volunteers for safety Phase II Testing of the drug on participants to assess efficacy and side effects Phase III Testing of a drug on participants to assess efficacy, effectiveness, and safety Phase IV Postmarketing surveillance in public The Drug Development Process Step 1: Discovery and Development. Step 2: Preclinical Research. S

Everyone can be a Superhero

So today we will talk about how we can save the world, and we all can be superheroes. First, let's talk about Global Warming, so what basically is 'Global warming is the rapid increase in the temperature of the atmosphere of our dear Earth, and this is caused by a few gases called Greenhouse gasses, now let's see what we can do to stop this, some of the precautions and solutions we can take on are that we can carpool every time we go outside or not go in a car at all, then we can use the three R's (Reduce, Reuse. Recycle) before we throw anything away. Now for pollution, we will do the same things and we should spread awareness about the same!   How can we contribute to the prevention of natural disasters like floods, forest fires, and etc? So the number one thing we can do is spreading awareness about our dying Earth, then we can teach our friends and family all that we have learned so that they can spread this too! and lastly, we should actually do what we've told

Social Anxiety - Solutions to Overcome it

Many individuals have experienced social anxiety , which is characterized by extreme nervousness and fear in social situations, such as speaking to a new person or going to a party. It is possible to overcome the negative effects of social anxiety with various solutions. For an individual to prevent or reduce the symptoms of their social anxiety, they must identify what might be contributing towards them feeling anxious in certain situations. This can sometimes be difficult due to the lack of accurate information on how people should behave in certain common scenarios. However, an individual must learn how their behaviors are affecting them and modify those around them accordingly. Preparing for important events is a helpful way to reduce social anxiety. It is easier to do something new when you already have some idea of how it will go and what will happen. If an individual anticipates a problem that they know they are prone to have, then they can prepare for it by thinking about how t