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Unknown facts and stories about popular brands/companies

How we came to be, what we did to get to where we are and what we're called. For each one of us, it's a different story. Some boring as hell, some interesting enough to be written about. And with some of our most well-known brands, the same is true. Here are a few of the lesser known stories and facts of some the biggest brands in the world: 1. A lucky weekend in Vegas saved FedEx In the early 1970s, just a few years after FedEx was formed, the fledgling company was already in dire straits, losing up to a million dollars a month, At one point, it looked like they wouldn't be able to meet their financial commitments. While waiting for a flight, Fred Smith, the founder of the company, impulsively hopped on a plane to Las Vegas, where he won $27,000 playing Blackjack. The company was saved and Fred Smith had one helluva story to tell. Source:  TroyMedia 2. Lamborghini sports cars exist because of Enzo Ferrari's pride Lamborghini was originally a tractor manufacturer. The o

Early Life of Elon Musk

E lon Musk was the second entrepreneur in the Silicon Valley (the first one was James H. Clark) who managed to create three companies with a market cap of more than $1 billion – PayPal, SpaceX, and Tesla Motors. Elon Musk dedicates himself to space and alternative energy technologies. Net Worth: $22.0 billion (2019) Birth Date: June 28, 1971 Place of Birth: Pretoria, South Africa Education: University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, Queen's University, Ontario He plays by some different rules and does that quite successfully. The distinctive personality traits of Elon Musk are perseverance, critical thinking, accurate self-analysis, and hard work (he works 80-100 hours per week). Early Life Elon Reeve Musk was born on June 28, 1971, in Pretoria, South Africa. He was the oldest of three children. His father is a South African-born British and engineer Errol Musk, and his mother is a Canadian-English and dietetics expert Maye Musk. Musk spent his childhood in South Africa and a

Amazing facts about India you need to know

1. INDIA HAS THE SECOND HIGHEST POPULATION IN THE WORLD India currently has the second highest population in the world, with China having the highest. The country is estimated to have a population of around 1.3 billion people, with the highest populated cities being Delhi and Mumbai; each with a population of over 10 million. In 1951 India became the first developing country to start a family planning program. Since then, India’s population has quadrupled. Current projections by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs estimates that the country’s population will reach 1.5 billion by 2030, and 1.64 billion in 2050. 2. COWS ARE CONSIDERED SACRED IN INDIA Hinduism is one of the major religions in India, and is the reason why cows are considered to be sacred in this country. Cows are believed to be holy in Hinduism, and so they are protected, honoured and treated with respect. The Hindu Goddess Bhoomi represents Earth and is often shown in the form of a cow. 3. THE CITY OF VARANAS