*Some Ancient Indian Health Tips ~ Original quotes in Sanskrit:*

 *Some Ancient Indian Health Tips ~ Original quotes in Sanskrit:*

*1. Ajeerne Bhojanam Visham*

_Consuming anything when you have indigestion is like consuming poison; means avoiding eating when suffering from indigestion._ 

*2. Ardharogahari Nidhraa* 

_Sleeping well cures half of the diseases._

*3. Mudhgadhaali Gadhavyaali*

_Of all the pulses, green grams are the best. They are easy to digest and boost immunity.  All other pulses have some of the other side-effects._ 

*4. Bagnaasthi Sandhaanakaro Rasonaha*

_Garlic also heals broken bones._ 

*5. Athi Sarvathra Varjayeth*

_Anything consumed in excess, just because it tastes good, is not good for health. Be moderate._ 

*6. Naasthimoolam Anoushadham*

_Every vegetable is beneficial for the body._ 

*7. Na Vaidhyaha Prabhuraayushaha*

_No doctor can guarantee longevity. Doctors have their limitations._ 

*8. Chinthaa Vyaadhi Prakaashaya*

_Worry aggravates ill-health._ 

*9. Vyayaamascha Sanaihi Sanaihi*

_Do any exercise slowly. Fast and furious exercise is harmful._ 

*10. Ajavath charvanam Kuryaath*

_Chew your food like a goat: never swallow food in a hurry as saliva aids in digestion._ 

*11. Snaanam Naama Manahprasaadhanakaram Dhuswapna Vidhwasanam*

_Bathing removes depression. It also drives away bad dreams._ 

*12. Na Snaanam Aachareth Bhukthvaa*

_Never take bath immediately after eating as it impairs digestion._ 

*13. Naasthi Meghasamam Thoyam*

_No water matches rainwater in purity._ 

*14. Ajeerne Bheshajam Vaari*

_Indigestion can be addressed by drinking plain water._ 

*15. Sarvathra Noothanam Sastham Sevakaanne Puraathanam*

_Always prefer things that are prepared fresh._ 

_Stale rice and the duties of an old servant, both should be replaced. (With respect to the servant is: Change his duties and not terminate his service.)._ 

*16. Nithyam Sarvaa Rasaabhyaasaha*

_Consume food that has all the tastes viz: salty, sweet, bitter, sour, astringent and pungent)._ 

*17. Jataram Poorayedhardham Annahi*

_Fill your stomach half with solids, a quarter with water and the rest leave empty._ 

*18. Bhukthvopa Visathasthandraa*

_Never sit idle after having a meal. Walk for at least half an hour._ 

*19. Kshuth Saadhuthaam Janayathi*

_Hunger increases the taste of food. In other words, eat only when hungry._ 

*20. Chinthaa Jaraanaam Manushyaanaam*

_Worrying speeds up ageing._ 

*21. Satham Vihaaya Bhokthavyam*

_When it is time for meals, keep 100 tasks i.e all the work aside._ 

*22. Sarvaa Dharmeshu Madhyamaam*

_Choose always the middle path. Avoid going for extremes in anything._

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