Did you know?

Lack of sleep causes our bodies to age rapidly. Sleeping less than 5 hrs a night can age your heart by 10 yrs. 

A single night sleep of fewer than 4 hrs can drop your natural killer cells (that attack cancer cells) by 70%. 

Sleep well to give your body the much-deserved rest!            

Eat your food mindfully

Chewing slowly stimulates the production of saliva & helps in the breakdown of food, reducing stress on the oesophagus & enabling the stomach to metabolize food better

It aids in digestion, combats acidity & helps avoid overeating.

Excess salt intake is not only bad for your BP but also weakens the immune system. 

Researchers found that people who consumed 6 gms of salt in addition to their daily intake i.e roughly the amount contained in 2 fast food meals - 2 portions of burgers & fries had lower immunity.

A simple way to dramatically improve your nutrition is to swap out lettuce for sprouts, microgreens & baby greens.

They have more nutrition than when they are fully mature greens. 

Broccoli sprouts have approximately 20X to 50X the number of compounds found in mature broccoli.


• Avoid having carbonated beverages

(They aggravate acid reflux due to the presence of CO² gas)

• Avoid too much chocolate (increase acidity in the oesophagus) 

• drink less coffee (worsens effects of acid reflux and heartburn as it is hot in potency) 

• avoid eating within 3 hours before bed 

• limit alcohol intake

• avoid refined sugar 

• avoid raw onions 

• don't sleep on your right side