What is Uric Acid and How to keep your Uric Acid levels high scientist explains...

Uric acid is a chemical found in the blood that is made in everyone's body and the kidneys filter it and remove it from the body. When the amount of purine in the body is high and the kidneys are not able to filter it out of the body, then this acid starts accumulating in the joints and gives a lot of pain.

Tips for increased uric acid levels and gout:

1) Watch your weight. Try to lose weight slowly.

2) Eat fresh fruit, vegetables, whole wheat products and some pulses (high in purine) every day.

3) Enjoy low-fat milk and dairy products daily.

4) Keep an eye on the purine content of food. Avoid offal, shellfish and crustaceans and tinned fish such as sardines in oil.

5) Eat no more than 100g of meat, sausages, fish and poultry a day.

6) Drink alcohol only occasionally, as it affects the elimination of uric acid.

7) Eat low-fat food. The consumption of high-fat foods encourages weight gain.

8) Drink at least two litres of low-calorie fluids a day. Recommended fluids are water, tea and fruit juice.

Article by, 

Dr. Adarsha Gowda, Department of Food Science, St Aloysius College, Autonomous, Mangalore.

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