The Three Main Antacids and what they do

Your body has an innate intelligence that is grossly underestimated and misunderstood. We can heal ourselves void of medicines and drugs that are designed to suppress symptoms and do not address the root cause: systemic acidosis. 

The body, all on its own, will use THREE MAIN ANTACIDS to protect itself from the damage done by Acids/toxins when it gets backed up inside your body's sewer system, your Lymphatic system. 

1.)   Its main antacid is CHOLESTEROL. High cholesterol means your body's lymphatic system (sewer system) is backed up with acids/toxins.

2.)  It also uses CALCIUM to fight Acidosis (like you eat Tums which is calcium carbonate to neutralize the acids in your stomach) it steals from your food and pulls from your bones. This is the main reason why people end up with arthritis, as well as all other bone-related diseases and conditions.

3.)  Your body uses WATER (edema) to protect its precious cells when it has been injured or are being damaged by excess Acids/toxins that are backed up inside the body.

If you suffer from pain, inflammation, high cholesterol, oedema, bone loss or any diseases and conditions, your body is telling you to stop and change what you are doing.

You can begin by changing the chemistry of the food you are putting into your body from Acid to Alkaline. Fresh raw, pesticide-free fruits, berries, melons, greens and vegetables are cooling, soothing, healing, (alkaline) chemistry that will help to remove the Acids from your body, bringing it back into balance to a state of health and vitality. When detoxing to heal the body, limit nuts and seeds. They are proteins  (Acid chemistry) and fats (clog the Lymph system) and slow down the healing process. God didn't put a shell on them for nothing.

Acids are the aggressive, corrosive, masculine side of chemistry. Acids are hot and burn. Pain is an Acid experience. Alkaline is the cooling, soothing, nurturing, (feminine) side of chemistry. Alkaline is cold and also known as BASE chemistry. The problem with our diets today is that they predominately consist of cooked foods, processed foods, and fake "food-like products" which are 80% Acidic and 20% Alkaline. Our species-specific diet (what we should be eating) is 80% Alkaline and 20% Acidic. Acids need alkalinity to neutralize. When we stop eating toxic foods and start eating foods designed for the human body, raw and unprocessed, the body will naturally heal itself as it pushes out the toxic matter causing "autoimmune" symptoms, which is just inflammation. 

When we stop consuming Acid and mucous-forming chemistry our body begins to dispose of the excess Acid chemistry as long as our body's elimination channels are open and working properly (and haven't been damaged by Acids, as well) and eventually the body will return to homeostasis which is an Alkaline state. 

This is why eating a "raw vegan" diet is healing to the body. This is why most people feel better drinking Alkaline water. However, a true detoxification protocol will go deeper than this because fruits are the optimal cleansers and scrubbers of the body's Lymphatic system and herbs are an invaluable aid in both the cleaning and rebuilding process

"The real problem is in your Lymphatic system, and that is where you gotta go to get remedy. If you’re trying to get remedy through nutrition... good luck, because you’ll never get it, and you’ll be there until hell freezes over.”  

Article by,

Dr. Adarsha Gowda,
Department of Food Science,
St Aloysius College, Autonomous.

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