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Weight loss drink

Alifya talks about a leafy green which we Indians mostly use for garnishing. But it has many uses apart from that. Alifya is talking about Coriander, Cilantro, Dhaniya also known as Chinese parsley. Cilantro is beneficial in Digestion and gut health, It has Immune-boosting antioxidants and is Good for the skin, So it doesn’t only have Culinary uses but health benefits as well.

Here’s a quick drink you can have for an empty stomach regularly in the morning to see benefits:

Make some paste out of fresh cilantro. Take a glass, add half a lemon, and warm water. Now mix the paste along with this and gulp it away. She doesn’t promise great taste. But it can definitely promise good health!. She tried it personally and saw a good chance on the weight scale.

Try this for yourself and see the difference!

Hair Fall Solution

How many of you suffer from hair loss? Alifya is sure the majority will say yes. Well no wonder considering the kind of hectic lifestyle we have and unhealthy food we consume, it's bound to happen. Also, the major reason for hair fall is the hard water we use for hair wash.

You must have tried the various herbal shampoos, conditioners, hair serums, hair oils claiming to stop hair fall. But today Alifya is going to provide you with a free solution that will show effect in a week.

For this, you need aloe vera gel and onion seed oil. Mix aloe vera and onion seed oil which can suffice your scalp and massage it on your scalp evenly. Leave it for 1 hr and then wash your hair. Aloe vera is considered to be the best for hair loss as it reduces dandruff and onion oil is very rich in sulfur which helps prevent breakage, thinning hair, and split ends. It also prevents premature aging. Try this hack for a week and see the difference

Acne solution

This is one thing that all of us have gone through or are still struggling with. And that is acne and acne scars. Well, there are hundreds of ways to control acne and then clear up the scars but one thing is for sure you should be minimalistic and not try all the products that will only ruin your skin because of excessive chemicals. Try maintaining a healthy gut clean food intake and lots of fluids. External treatment is not the only solution even if you apply creams and toners worth thousands it will not show effect. 

So here is a simple remedy for acne scars. she swears by aloe vera gel, which she can't live without as it is so instant and so effective. If you are struggling with acne scars make sure you apply aloe vera to your face after cleansing. This will leave a soothing effect and it will work overnight to lessen the spots. Its medicinal properties are amazing. Take a good quality aloe vera gel and if tea tree oil suits you. You can mix it along and give a light massage. Try this simple method and be consistent and you will see the results.

Yoga importance

Alifya is a vivid Yoga follower and has been practicing it since 2007. she aced many forms of yoga asanas and adapted many meditation practices. Yoga is a blessing for humans. As it not only helps us to focus on the body but also our mind and soul. You can see an umpty number of positive changes in your mind and body when you start doing yoga. Yoga helps rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul.  It teaches you to balance your anger when it comes to mind. It increases flexibility when it comes to the body and adds glow to your skin and you can connect with your soul through Yoga. One thing which is so wonderful is that Yoga does not have any side effects. Unlike other exercises.

We urge all of you to incorporate yoga in some or the other way in your life and see the changes for yourself. Regular practice of Yoga will induce discipline in yourself and it will help you with weight loss as well.

Importance of walking

We all think that once we take gym membership we will work hard and lose weight. But there is no need to spend all that money. If you adopt this slight variation in your daily walking style you will see results.

Walking reduces weight drastically. Try Walking 10000 steps daily if you cannot do it at once then divide into mornings and evenings And gradually increase as n when u can. For the first 30 minutes walk normally. Then for a few minutes, a very fast walk and then a normal pace then again faster than normal. This will help in fat burn and weight loss. 

Always before leaving for a walk, have lemon and honey in warm water. After coming back from the walk, have 2 glasses of warm, really warm water.

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By-Alifiya Poonawala